Reproduction of phloxes (detailed photo)

How do phloxes reproduce? The name of this extremely decorative delicate flower is translated from Greek as “flame”. Do you want your garden to warm with lush flowery torches in the summer? It’s time to be offended! EVERYTHING YOU NEED FOR THIS ARTICLE IS HERE >>> Slender shoots of flox, topped with fragrant foam inflorescences, […]

Pests phlox

Contents ✓ ✓ MEASURES TO CONTROL AGAINST FLOX FALLING. ✓ PROTECTION OF FLOCKS AGAINST DAMAGE – TIPS AND OPINIONS OF FLOWERS ✓ TREATMENT OF FLOXES FROM HARM AND DISEASES – VIDEO Phlox flowers are the most common pests. The pests that occur on phlox are multi-core and widespread on deciduous shrubs and many herbaceous plants. […]

Phloxes are paniculate – varieties and planting and growing in the flower garden of the country

Contents ✓ ✓ Principles of cultivation of Flavicular phlox ✓ Basic rules for the care of Phlox Phlox Varieties and care of phloxes The cultivation of phlox in the garden and flower garden was best described with the words “A garden without phlox is a mistake” K.Foster, a famous German grower. Despite the fact that […]

Paniculate phloxes – popular varieties, care, planting, reproduction

Contents ✓ ✓ PREPARING A PLAN FOR GRINDING AND PLACING FLOXES ✓ PROPER FLOX INSTALLATION ✓ WHILE DRIVING FLOXES ✓ FLOX – SECRETS OF CARE ✓ METHODS OF FLOX REPRODUCTION Phlox adepts – we grow up in a summer residence The middle name “sitch” was given to phlox, most likely because they resemble this material […]