Korean chrysanthemum – planting and care. Varieties and their photos

Contents ✓ ✓ When growing chrysanthemums, some of their characteristics should be taken into account. ✓ MOST OPPOSIVE VARIETIES OF KOREAN CHRISTIANS ✓ CHOICE OF PLANTS ✓ HOW TO WEAR KOREAN CHRISANTEMS IN AUTUMN – VIDEO Growing Korean chrysanthemum – planting and care An ancient Chinese legend says: “The white dragon tried to invade the […]

Large-flowered chrysanthemums – flower care, breeding and reproduction, photography

Contents ✓ ✓ How to grow chrysanthemums? ✓ How to cut chrysanthemums How to care for and reproduce large-flowered chrysanthemums. The first seedlings (photo). This plant is in demand by florists as a late flower greenhouse for bouquets. In addition, the variety of chrysanthemums of large-flowered potato varieties has become very popular. The form itself […]

How to deal with pests and diseases of chrysanthemums

Contents ✓ ✓ “Hair loss” of chrysanthemum inflorescences ✓ Nematodeosis ✓ Grows cascading chrysanthemums Diseases and pests of chrysanthemums and how to deal with them These plants have a fairly high hardiness, especially for high agrotechnics. But with prolonged vegetative reproduction in greenhouses, damage to chrysanthemums can be caused by diseases and pests. “Hair loss” […]